Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Flying from San Antonio this weekend, the next journey takes me to Denver, Colorado

Have you ever noticed how everyone who lives in Colorado, or has visited Colorado at some point, has a glowing review of the place? I get my first glimpse when Southwest Airlines delivers me to Denver this coming weekend.

I have relatives in the city I hope to visit with at some point (please DM on Twitter or send an email to I'd love to meet up during the week sometime). Other than that, I've spent some time reading up on places to go and things to see, as well as educating myself by watching YouTube videos on the city.

Initially, I'm just looking forward to seeing the place my plane lands. According to the Internet, the Illuminati built the airport and they have special landing strips for spaceships and aliens invaders. They've also painted pictures of World War III or some sort of nuclear holocaust on the walls, while creating runways in the shape of swastikas. If that wasn't enough, a giant horse statue that looks like an evil Denver Broncos logo was erected on the premises, just in time for it to topple over on the artist who created the thing. He was crushed and killed right there at the airport by his own piece of artwork.

1) Sunday playoff football - I didn't realize until after I booked the flight that the AFC and NFC championship games are both played this Sunday. I fly in early that morning, so I'll need to find a place to watch the games. I'll probably just find a good spot near my hotel. Incidentally, I'm pulling for the Los Angeles Rams to win the Super Bowl this year.

2) Rocky Mountain National Park - I think I'd enjoy a short road trip to visit a national park in the midst of some beautiful mountains. Apparently, an hour or so outside Denver is this national treasure, which according to a local newspaper is partially open despite the current spat in Washington D.C. By partially open, I mean I can still get inside the park and enjoy the scenic beauty. I don't know if I'll be able to use the restrooms there, though.

3) Red Rocks - This place always makes me think of U2. The band was brilliant to record a live album there. I owned the cassette as a youngster and always figured Red Rocks was somewhere overseas. This is another location that is always lauded for its natural beauty. I've also heard the acoustics are great there, but I won't see a rock show next week. I look forward to wandering around in there.

4) Coors Field - I wish it was baseball season right now. I'd love to see a ballgame in the place, but for now I'll settle for a tour.

5) Molly Brown House - The Denver socialite survived the sinking of the Titanic. Remember Kathy Bates character in the movie? This is her actual home from that time period, which has since been transformed into a museum. I'm sure I'll take the tour there as well. Incidentally, I saw the movie Titanic on Christmas 1997 in Pasadena, Texas with a current resident of Denver and my wonderful mom, who we miss dearly. As I recall, the movie was interrupted by a theater manager and the Pasadena Police Department because someone had opened fire with some handguns and shot up a van in the parking lot. Anyway, it'll be cool to see Molly's house.

6) U.S. Mint - They make coins in there. I heard a rumor that the U.S. government might stop making pennies because the cost of the metal plus the labor required to make one now exceeds one cent. That's fraud, waste and abuse. However, if we stop making pennies we'll never be able to purchase something that cost $4.67, or $11.56. I guess we have to keep making pennies. It'll be fun to see how that stuff is made.

7) Larimer Square - Looks like a fancy shopping and dining area with Christmas lights strung all along the street, sort of like the Riverwalk without the water. Visitors on the Internet really seem to like the place. This appears on most Denver tourism "must see" lists. I'll likely walk around out there one day or evening.

8) State Capitol Building - This is where the important people work. I have a special reverence for important people and the places they congregate, because I always envisioned myself potentially doing something important one day. Until then, I'll just visit the places where important people go. I also like historic buildings, so this will be a lot of fun. As a tourist, you wouldn't visit Austin without a trip to the capitol building, so I can't see myself going to the capital of Colorado without walking through the halls of power there. I'm looking forward to that.

I'll keep you posted here, or you can follow me on Twitter for updates.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

A message to U.S. government: DO NOT abolish ICE, it makes us feel more silly

There's been talk recently about the possibility of our government making a decision that would seriously damage this country and our quality of life. Some people, it seems, want to abolish ICE.

That would be a huge mistake. ICE makes us feel much more silly, and represents a refreshing way to conclude a week or even to watch football games on Sunday afternoon.

We will not stand for any misguided decision in Washington D.C. that affects our ability to pick up a six-pack of ICE tallboys at the convenience store. Anyone unfortunate enough to vote for the abolishment of ICE will certainly lose the next election and be forced to go home and get a real job or start a business.

I know what you're thinking. With all these strong ideas, why doesn't John get involved with politics? I don't get involved with politics for the same reason I don't purchase Kindergarten Cop on Blu-ray. It sucks. I won't involve myself in any pursuit, or any expenditure of time or money, that sucks. That's why I'm not afraid to spend $6.48 on ICE tallboys from time to time. ICE doesn't suck, and it makes us feel quite silly.

On another subject, I just wanted to let y'all know that the move to San Antonio has been a positive one for a number of reasons. Such a wonderful place with wonderful people. I'm completely alone here, but really, wasn't I completely alone over the last decade or so in Houston? There are great places for me to shop for elegant clothes to resell on the Internet, less traffic on the roads, and I feel happier here.

I've been waiting on this great weather to visit some of the usual San Antonio sites following my move here, so I finally visited the Riverwalk and the Alamo this weekend -- although I'd obviously seen those places previously.

I visited Numbers in Houston for Halloween, but now it is time to find places in San Antonio to hang out in. The Houston chapter of the story is now closed. The Princess, if by chance she was in the Houston area, has a door she will need to knock on in San Antonio for that continue. I won't hold my breath, but I will accept that everything in life that doesn't happen doesn't happen for a reason. Maybe I'm ugly or undesirable. Maybe I have nothing to offer. I'll take a good look in the mirror and try to figure all this out. Maybe I'm not meant to marry (and I'm finally okay with that). Whatever the reason is, I'm here now and gratefully so. I am staying in San Antonio.

Best wishes, mighty ICE warriors, and the best of luck to all of you.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

'Reputable' and 'objective' CNN organization sends confusing messages to viewers on transparency

As if we needed more reasons to question what we see everyday on CNN, an anchor this week seemed to send conflicting messages regarding when people should feel free to come forward and speak the truth.

During a string of what seemed like unending coverage on whether a California professor should come forward and testify about an event that occurred thirty years ago at a high school party (and she should), this "well-respected" and prominent "news" anchor seemed to communicate, again and again yesterday morning, that there are some things we just don't talk about. This happened twice, with two fellow reporters that appeared on air right after each other.

Honesty and integrity, and telling the entire story, is only good when it serves our purposes or our particular slant on the day's events, or so it seems.

Like Regan MacNeil pissing on expensive Georgetown carpet, these clowns keep pissing on the Constitution that gives them the right to share their horseshit everyday under the guise of doing us all a favor.

If you are a female who wants to discuss the high-school failings of a Supreme Court nominee we don't like, you should come forward and speak (and she should). If you have the gall to share the incredible bullshit going on behind the scenes at "The Most Trusted Name in News," you best keep your fucking mouth shut, apparently.

That's the height of hypocrisy, my friends.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Welcome to YesCity, Texas, where a Big, Fat Everything Burger includes avocado and bacon

I'm becoming more familiar with the area around my new residence here in San Antonio, or YesCity, Texas. I need to get out and assimilate in the community.

A tasty burger might even be on the agenda soon. This is the first city I've ever been in where you can purchase both a Whataburger and an In-N-Out Burger. Those are both delicious sandwiches that I should enjoy in moderation, because I've heard they contain plenty of wonderful calories. A big, fat everything burger here apparently includes avocado and bacon.

San Antonio has a minor league baseball team affiliated with the San Diego Padres I probably should visit soon for a good time. They call the team the San Antonio Missions. There are cool places along the Riverwalk to see and enjoy as well. They even have an NBA team called the San Antonio Spurs I probably should check out again. They've been pretty successful. It seems like they've won championships as often as the New England Patriots.

And don't worry. Unlike Kawhi Leonard, I'm an easy man to read. All you have to do is visit for everything you need to know. I'll keep you posted here. In a world literally shot-through with misinformation and hoaxes, it's nice that we can return here to the blog and my Twitter for some truth from time to time.

I noticed on a concert calendar that Gary Numan and The Crystal Method are both scheduled to visit the city in the coming months. I'm looking for opportunities to get out and about, so I'll keep my eyes open. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

My move to San Antonio complete, getting situated in a new home city

Greetings to you from my new home city of San Antonio, Texas. I'm happy to have things getting into a routine as I become situated here.

I'm not completely unfamiliar with San Antonio. As those of you who have followed me over the years know, I lived in an extended stay hotel here about five years ago for a number of months, working for a Houston-area electronics company that installed flat-screen televisions and home theater systems. I visited San Antonio homes every day and was impressed with not only the people here but all the city has to offer. This is a fantastic town, and I know I'll enjoy living here.

Without giving out too many details here about my specific location, I'm once again on the west side of town right off of Interstate 10 (very close to where I lived in San Antonio previously). I spent this past week driving around town to visit a number of locations, sourcing products for my home business. I look forward to continuing that here.

I wasn't aware that this city is now considered one of the 10 largest in the country, even bigger than Dallas by comparison of population. Only Houston is larger in the state of Texas.

Leaving Houston was a bittersweet decision, but it was the right decision. I was born there and will always love the place, but in the past decade or so it has felt like I was always waiting on an eventuality that never came to pass. In short, Houston has felt like NoCity, Texas. The disappointing thing is that the correct answer was always "yes," and I was always surrounded by "no" there. That gets old (and frustrating).

I'm close enough to drive over to Houston for a visit occasionally, but this is a permanent change of address.

Having said that, if the Princess is out there somewhere reading this you can come anytime for a visit. Park anywhere you can find a spot.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Their name is mud: Older men apparently having a difficult time managing tongues on CNN

How creepy are these people going to get? We've already established that the "news" organization CNN is more entertainment than anything else these days, but apparently finding a grown man who can keep his tongue in his mouth for comment on the network is as difficult as locating an apple in a 10-foot pile of bananas.

From now on, we're going to start calling these people "Mud" around here. Real creepy weirdos are showing up on the "news", friends and neighbors. I have no idea how parents are supposed to explain all this nuttiness to young people. Thankfully young people don't watch boring crap like this anyway, so it doesn't really matter.

But this is a very strange trend, guys. How about some mood music? Something to get you guys turned on.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Yesterday in Washington D.C., in photos

If you plan to visit Washington D.C. this week, don't forget your umbrella.

I didn't have one for the first hour or so walking around outside downtown yesterday morning, and I was quite wet. Thankfully a nice man approached me outside the National Archives with several he had on sale for $5. It was going to be a long day without that.

It turned out to be a long day, even with the umbrella, but I had a good time seeing the sights. The National Archives is a stop I recommend to anyone visiting here. The actual Constitution of the United States is on display inside that building. I was fascinated with all those historical documents. Two uniformed guards stand on either side of the Constitution in a dimly lit room (presumably to keep the documents from fading or discoloring over time). There's no photo here because photography inside the building is prohibited.

I've often disagreed with people over the years who say the U.S. Constitution is God-inspired or that the writers penned those words under the unction of a higher power, but there is undoubtedly something special and unique about that document. I really enjoyed that museum.

Here are some photos from today:

A really cool-looking building, but you have to stand in line behind what looks like a thousand school kids to get inside (in the rain). I decided to take a look at the exterior of the building and and walk to some of the other sites. Who knows, I may get another chance to go inside sometime in the future.

The Washington Monument is tall, but not quite as tall as the San Jacinto Monument in Deer Park, the birthplace of Texas. Unfortunately, this monument is under construction and I was unable to go inside and take an exciting ride in a glass elevator (like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). They need to fix this place because looking out from those windows on top would be fantastic. Just imagine how much you could see from up there!

The Lincoln Memorial is spectacular, and many people were there wanting to see him seated on that big chair. He did such a good job freeing the slaves and being an all-around fantastic president. Incidentally, the National Archives has the Emancipation Proclamation persevered there for you to view, hand-written by President Lincoln.

By the time I made it to the White House in the afternoon, I had walked many miles and was very wet. However, seeing the place in person after years of views on the television and books is quite awe-inspiring.

Two women stopped me by the monument and asked if I knew where the scene in Forrest Gump had been filmed. At first I didn't know what they were talking about, but I do seem to remember Forrest Gump standing here at one point. I stood here long enough to shoot this photo before venturing out to find the Jefferson and M.L.K. memorials, which I saw on a sign but never actually located during my walk.

I had planned on visiting this site on Friday (today), but because my phone battery died I didn't have GPS and was driving out of downtown Washington looking for a freeway sign. I ended up in Georgetown by accident, and pulled into an Exxon gas station to ask for directions. I looked up and there they were! I didn't have battery power to take a photo, so I'm borrowing someone else's picture. These iconic steps from The Exorcist actually end on M Street, practically in a gas station parking lot. Best spooky movie of all time? Quite possibly.

Tonight I'll visit Nationals Park to see the Dodgers and Nationals play for Baseball Night in America. If you are wondering whether Baseball America in America really exists, it does really exist. I saw it on my Twitter page.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The next journey begins: Several days in Washington D.C. start tomorrow morning

I'm looking forward to jumping on some airplanes early tomorrow that will take me from Houston Hobby to Love Field and then on to Reagan National for several days of fun in our nation's capitol.

There I'll see the sights, immerse myself in the history of this great nation, and shack up for several days near Andrews Air Force Base. I always enjoy hanging out in the vicinity of our nation's warriors.

The World Famous Los Angeles Dodgers take on the Washington Nationals Friday Night. I'll park my rear in the outfield for Baseball Night in America. Frank in La Puente, or "Big Bad Frank" as I affectionately like to call him, shipped me a brand new shirt for the event. I think I deposited nearly $11 in his Paypal account for that gorgeous shirt. A fantastic product shipped very fast. Thank you.

I haven't visited Washington D.C. since the early 2000s when I attended some meetings at the Smithsonian commemorating the completion of the human genome. I got around town a little bit back then, but this time I've made a list of places I'd enjoying seeing while in Washington.

Here's where you might have a chance to say "hello" between now and Saturday (other than the ballpark):

1) The White House - This is where President Donald Trump and his wife currently live. When I visited last time, there was a construction project underway that prohibited walking up to the fence line. I'll take a better look this time.

2) The Capitol Building - I have cable news on frequently during the day and there seem to be numerous important people who do interviews in that building, sometimes saying some pretty interesting things. I've also noticed statues that would probably be cool to take a look at if time permits. I'd love to walk into the room where the president gives the State of the Union address, but that looks like the sort of place that might only be open to visitors at specific times.

3) The National Mall - I took a long walk and saw all of that during my last visit, but it's definitely worth another lap around the pool. The statue of President Lincoln sitting on that huge chair is spectacular. I may wander over to see the new (or relatively new) M.L.K monument. That sure was nice of our nation's leaders to give him his own statue and memorial in D.C., but I would have voted to put a smile on his face. He doesn't look very happy.

4) National Archives Museum

5) Washington National Cathedral

6) National Gallery of Art

7) The concrete steps in Georgetown that Father Karras tumbles down at the end of The Exorcist, and the house the MacNeil's rented at 3600 Prospect. One of my favorite scary movies of all time, and one of the most iconic and memorable shooting locations in film history.

For the life of me, I can't remember the name of the place I saw President Obama and Vice President Biden have lunch near the White House years ago on the news. I made a mental note to eat at that location during a visit in the future, as they said the restaurant is a prominent fixture in the White House area. I may have to grab my Big, Fat Everything Burger somewhere else in the city, because I neglected to write down the name of the place and nothing I see online rings a bell. However, I imagine there are plenty of places to grab some tasty chow in that town.

Maybe I'll just bring a Papa John's pizza back to my swanky room and enjoy it with some of that garlic sauce. On second though, I really don't care for that garlic sauce much. Possibly a Big, Fat Everything Pizza without the garlic sauce will do just fine if I can't find the burger place.

I hope to see y'all around town.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Latest Direct TV ad an entertaining break from current slew of boring commercials, CNN is weird

In a time when most advertising firms don't produce the same quality of messaging we once saw on television, the new Direct TV commercial featuring the woman pouring a pot of hot coffee in her lap and the "thumbs up train lady" is a welcomed 30 seconds.

Incredibly silly, and entertaining as a result, the commercial made this Xfinity customer actually think about switching for a moment or two. However, switching is so much trouble. That requires someone coming over to install new equipment (and me having to drive up to the Xfinity office to return electronics), and then I have to learn a whole new cable system. And where would I put the dish? It's easier just to stay with my current cable provider. All I have to do is pay a bill once a month and the channels stay on my TV. I get all this incredible content for only $123 a month. I feel spoiled.

That doesn't make the commercial any less effective or entertaining. I actually thought about switching. That's a big first step for Direct TV. I hope the company's ad agency will continue to produce funny stuff for us to watch.

Speaking of incredible content, I was watching CNN today when they seemed to report that Russia is saying the current hoopla over Flynn is really about someone purchasing a bag of weed. That's a little confusing, but all this Russia news is quite confusing at times.

I'm glad both Xfinity and Direct TV carry CNN so we can see all the weird news about Russia and the sorted cast of characters who wander through the newsroom from time to time. Please keep us entertained (and informed), CNN.

If you have any job openings in that big building on Sunset Boulevard, I can start anytime after the first of the year. I hear there is a little bar across the street that Morrissey used to wander into occasionally. That might be a cool place to enjoy a cerveza after work sometime.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Rams game in Los Angeles lots of fun, Goldie given to local family

I'm writing the first draft of this post on my telephone in the air between Los Angeles and Houston (in airplane mode, of course) to best utilize this time.

The trip to L.A. to catch a Rams game was a lot of fun. When I purchased the ticket at the start of the season, I anticipated a much more evenly matched game. Since that time, key Texans players Watson, Watt and Mercilus were unavailable due to injury, and Cushing is gone because he worked out too hard (again).

This gave us the game we had Sunday. The Rams did what the Rams do, and I assume the Texans had fans looking forward to next season. Although the first half was slower than many had anticipated, during the second half I found myself jumping from my seat often while clapping ferociously.

I think the overall experience of attending Rams games will improve greatly once the new stadium is opened. I like the Coliseum, and historic sports venues in general, but it always seemed more like a college stadium than a NFL stadium to me. I hope the NFL doesn't end up regretting the decision to move two franchises, almost simultaneously, to a city that has let teams get away on several occasions. L.A. definitely needs and deserves a NFL team, but will fans there sufficiently support two of them while St. Louis, San Diego and Oakland do without? Solution: Fill the stadium.

I was a little surprised at how many Texans fans were in Los Angeles for the game. They were all over the place, both at the game and tailgating in the parking lots. I don't know if I can ever remember attending a professional football game in which so many of the opposing team's fans were attendance. They were even in my hotel.

I closed out the day with something that I recommend everyone experience at least one time in their life: a ride through Inglewood after dark on a Los Angeles city bus.

I could have taken an Uber or taxi, but why would I want to miss this incomparable glimpse into a cross-section of American life? Not only that, you cover a lot of terrain for only $1.75.

The Hilton hotel was fantastic. They receive a top rating of "10". They not only took good care of me, they also housed Goldie safely as she awaited her move to a new Los Angeles area household. Fans of Goldie can rest assured knowing she went to a good home (her new family pictured at top of post).

Don't tell the Princess this, but when I purchased the Goldie bear in that photo, I purchased a second Goldie for her as well. I will keep the other Goldie stored until we get together.

I'm not sure where the next adverture takes me, but that is certainly something I'd like to start thinking about.

Whose house? Sleepy Man's House. This guy perfectly illustrates how ready we were for the second half of football. He did wake up later, just in time to see the Rams kick the Texans can all over the place.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

I viewed three Stanley Kubrick films on big screen this year thanks to Alamo Drafthouse

The screening of The Shining concluded a year-long celebration of Stanley Kubrick films at Alamo Drafthouse last night in Katy, Texas. The crowd, the largest of these films that I've attended, was described as a "packed house" by the Alamo representative who greeted us before the film began.

Although the room looked nearly sold out, the seat directly to my right stayed open in case the Princess wanted to join us at any point. Maybe a movie about a deranged killer chasing his wife and child around a hotel with an ax isn't the best pick for a potential first evening out together, but this is a Stanley Kubrick movie so that makes it okay.

A Clockwork Orange and 2001: A Space Odyssey screened earlier this year at the same facility. I missed Full Metal Jacket due to travel the day the picture screened.

This particular filmmaker's movies, in addition to being some the best ever produced, are experience-driven and best viewed in that environment. Big screen, big crowd. His use of lighting, his unique screenshots and compositions, along with the bizarre and at times edgy subject matter and characters just seem more alive and real at the theater.

Also, knowing how these films were made makes them interesting to watch. The way Kubrick worked with actors, at times making them do multiple takes for seemingly mundane or perfunctory scenes, brought out the best in the performances. For example, the scene in The Shining in which Danny and Dick Hallorann sit together alone and talk about "shining" in the hotel kitchen (seen above) was reportedly filmed more times than any other scene in movie-making history. Kubrick made them do that simple scene more than 140 times.

Prior to this wonderful opportunity afforded to us by Alamo Drafthouse, I had only seen one of the man's pictures in a theater. That occurred the night Eyes Wide Shut opened in 1999 at the Hollywood Theater in Pasadena, Texas.

Unfortunately, EWS was the last film he directed before his death, so we won't have new one to enjoy in the future. Thanks to Alamo Drafthouse for this opportunity to see these movies as the director intended.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Media availability: Lame, deceptive Houston media gets last chance to interview me tonight

For those in the Houston media lying to your viewership or readership, day after day after day, that I will be joining your cesspool of deceit, you have one last chance to interview me tonight.

This interview can either be for employment or a story you should have been working on for years. After tonight, I will ignore any phone call from a news organization in Houston.

Please join me at Home Plate Bar and Grill, across the street from Enron Field, during Game 4 of the World Series. You can ask me any question you'd like to ask, or inquire how I'd like to work with abusive, deceptive bullies everyday.

Again, this is your very last chance to sit down with me. I am the most hard-headed person you know when I'm right about something. You can either ask the questions you need to ask or make your offer this evening.

An interview at a bar during the World Series may seem like a strange time and place for this type of thing, but basically leading people to believe that I'm joining you without any contact or offer in place is equally as strange. Especially from a profession that people count on every day for accuracy and truthful presentation of the facts.

You will stop misleading to the people you are entrusted to inform, at least when it pertains to me.

If you are a member of the Los Angeles media, I will accept any fair offer for any position in your organization that provides a livable wage, and I can start work as early as Monday, Nov. 4. Call me anytime.

And Go Dodgers!