Thursday, December 29, 2005

It would be best for the Texans to lose this one

Ran over to Baba Yega with the Development team today for lunch. Had the club sandwich with the potato salad. Goodness, that potato salad is good! Anyway, we spent most of lunch discussing my marriage. I was surrounded by female coworkers, and they all had advice for me.

One said I should start posting pictures of rings here for feedback.

Another said at first that I should "guard my heart," but after I shared my thoughts quite openly regarding marriage and commitment at the table she later assured me with, "She's gonna snatch you up."

Gorgeous, we are going to have so much fun together! God has a plan for us...I believe there is something we are going to accomplish for Him together. It's going to be such an adventure watching it unfold. I look forward to it.

I'm thinking about you, and thinking about you, and thinking about you...

By the way, I promise I will never force you to endure a sporting event, if that's not your thing. However, I do love Houston sports teams...

Having said that, Go 49ers!

I know, I know, that's just not right. In all my years of being a fan, I have never, ever, never, ever, never rooted against a Houston team. NEVER. I get my first chance this weekend.

We all know it's unprofessional for the Texans to lose on purpose or not give it 100 percent. I trust they would never do that. So, with that in mind, I hope the 49ers get a better night's sleep and eat their Wheaties on game day. Does anyone else think Carr and Bush together would be an incredible foundation for what the Texans are going to do in the off season?

We shall see. John McClain explained in his recent column that even if the Texans win Sunday, we may still get Reggie Bush.

Oh, maybe so, but why take any chances? This is a unique game on Sunday. How many of the players, on both sides of the field, secretly -- in the deepest recesses of their heart -- would prefer to lose this one?

I'm know, I'm sorry I even typed those words. I should be ashamed I even pressed the keys in that order. Every member of both teams, above all, wants to go out and prove something by winning their third or fourth game, thereby forfeiting the chance to get their hands on a player that could possibly turn around a team completely in next couple years.

You're right. That's a silly thought and I'm very sorry I typed it.

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