Monday, January 30, 2006

Going on a journey

Going on a journey!! Going to take some time off from work, take a little drive, find a place to get alone with God for a few days. Maybe find some state park somewhere, pitch a tent, and get quiet. I NEED IT!! Outside of Houston. Maybe way outside of Houston.

I might even miss the Super Bowl -- gasp!! Someone will Tivo it, I'm sure.

Oh, maybe I'll make it back in time for the Super Bowl.

Hey princess -- I know that I'm supposed to not talk to my princess because some think it's getting ahead of God, but I WANT TO TELL YOU RIGHT NOW THAT I'M THINKING ABOUT YOU!!!!

When we have met and I have the means to communicate with you, and only you, I'll share all the sweet thoughts. And there's plenty of them.

Especially tonight, for some reason...

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