Friday, January 6, 2006

Reggie Bush or Vince Young

Hello all! Happy Friday.

It seems if Reggie Bush was the right choice for the Texans on Wednesday afternoon, he would still be the right choice on Thursday morning. Haven't all the NFL people and sports writers been watching Vince Young all season? We didn't just find out about him, right?

Young appears to be a great guy and an incredible football player, but if Carr and Bush together were best for the Texans before the Rose Bowl, why wouldn't they be the best for the Texans after? One game really changed everything? All those well thought out, articulate arguments I've heard or read on how we needed Bush, supported by stats and facts and loaded with passion, go out the window because of another player's performance in one game?

That game may have slightly changed our feelings about the gifts and talents of one Vince Young, but it certainly didn't change what our football team needs most. Did it?

I'll hang up and listen...

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