Monday, August 14, 2006

Astros and Texans thoughts...

Kudos to the marketing/special events department over at the San Diego Padres for a great idea. Here's something I found interesting: a major league ballgame and a P.O.D. show at the same location. Sounds like a exceptional way to spend an afternoon to me.

It happens over at PETCO Park in a few days. San Diego Warriors should check this one out for sure.

Meanwhile, here in Houston, the Astros dropped a couple but all we have to do is to win two or three against the Cubs to stay on course. The team did, after all, sweep the Pirates so all is still well.

Friday night at the ballpark was a great time.

And the Texans looked quite impressive Saturday night. I initially questioned passing up Reggie and Vince, but it appears from the team's new enthusiasm and what we saw Saturday night that the decision makers knew what they were doing when they opted to select Mario.

Carr played well. No one got sacked! The defense played well.

Kubiak was definately the right man for the job. It's amazing to see a team that was playing so bad last season people actually accused them of losing on purpose, now with a whole new optimism and winning mentality.

There's no question in my mind that they won Saturday night on purpose.

Let me say what it is too early for the the coaches and sports writers to say: let's shoot for a playoff spot. I'm a fan so I can have what others might call "unrealistic expectations" at this point. I believe anything is possible.

Welcome to Houston, Mario. We love you and are excited you are here. Please tell David you'd like to come to church with him sometime when you guys are off. We'd love to see you. See, David, all he needed was an invitation. :)

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