Saturday, September 23, 2006

Astros game

Chronicle sports writer, Brian McTaggart, posed a question in the lead paragraph of this morning's article on last night's Astros' game.

"Was this another step toward what would be the Astros' most improbable late-season playoff push yet, or just a meaningless win that does nothing more than postpone the inevitable?"

Do we only have those two choices? By elimination, it must be the first of the two choices. I say that because any game in which our team comes from behind to beat the division-leading Cardinals (for the second day in a row) on national TV and gives the fans what was probably the most exciting Astros' experience of this season to date, certainly couldn't qualify as "meaningless."

That game felt like a playoff game! And frankly, every game from here on out is technically a playoff game for the Astros. They have to be played with that intensity.

This victory, in my opinion, was the biggest of the season for the Astros. It's not just that we won the game, it's how we won it and how important this game was. We came from behind, and Biggio is the guy who ends up with the game-winning hit.

Too cool. The only thing that would top the whole thing off would be fireworks!!

Roy O on the mound tonight and The Rocket on Sunday night in his second "last" appearance at Minute Maid Park -- nationally televised on ESPN. You have to like our chances for the rest of the series.

No pressure, we're just having fun, right?

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