Tuesday, January 23, 2007

One sister to Colorado

I got a call today from my sister, who reported that her and her husband accepted an offer from his employer to transfer to the Denver-area.

They've been considering this option and praying for many weeks, and now believe this is the right choice for them. They begin the process of selling their home in Houston.

She seemed excited about the prospect of living in a new town, although she is understandably not so happy about moving away from her family, leaving her church, the city of Houston, etc.

I told her that's what airplanes are for.

The only time I've lived away from her was when I was in the Marines, so it will be inconvenient not having her in the same city, but the offer was attractive and after much research Denver looks like a great town for them and my niece.

I will miss them, but I'm happy for them and look forward to seeing Colorado. I love visiting new places. I'll definitely have to get some Rockies tickets.

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