Sunday, October 21, 2007

Texans vs. Titans: Weird

A couple things stood out to me as I watched today's game between the Tennessee Titans and the Houston Texans.

Even beyond the fact that this is the old Houston Oilers, and Vince Young is now the QB, each of these two teams last three meetings or so have been very, very strange.

Today's game speaks for itself, obviously. What in the world happened? The Titans tried to give the Texans this game and it still didn't work.

Remember the game last year at Reliant? Sure you do...Vince Young, and that crazy touchdown run right at the end?

And what about the game in Nashville when the Texans ran back the kick at the end of the game with time expiring, the Titans received a penalty so the game couldn't end on that play, and then the Texans field goal went so far off the mark that half the City of Houston started accused them of losing on purpose?

That one was so bizarre it inspired John McClain, Houston Chronicle sports writer, to pen an article on the "weirdness" factor of the Texans' losses.

That game didn't hold a candle to whatever happened this afternoon. You have to give the Texans some credit, they did play an incredibly impressive fourth quarter (except for the very end, of course).

I'm going to look forward to Texans-Titans meetings even more so than I do games against the Cowboys.

How could Texans fans not call this a rivalry, when each game is starting to look more and more like a "Twilight Zone" episode?

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  1. Maby the Texans should be getting more prayer from their fans. All I know is the Texans look better this year than in years past however we are still a long ways from making the play-offs. I'm a little concerned about our coaching. Had we held on to the ball a little longer, the titans would not have been able to kick a field goal. Had our defense fought them off on the last drive, they would have been out of range. At any rate, I still love my Texans, but I have much more fun watching the game when they win.