Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day, Gorgeous!

Am I bummed about the fact that tomorrow is February 14, Valentine's Day, and I haven't met my Princess yet?

Well, no more than I was on Feb. 10, or Jan. 24, or Nov. 19.

The truth is, tomorrow is just another day away from her. I won't stress over us being apart tomorrow any more than I did any other day (or any less).

It's just a matter of time. If anything, tomorrow might be a good day for all of us single people to recommit to our goal of seeking first God's kingdom and will in regards to our future mate.

Are we seeking someone head over heels in love with Jesus, above all else? Are we seeking someone who we know will be a covering and an asset to us spiritually first and foremost, with everything else a distant second?

We should be. I know I am. Every time I pray for her, I pray that God will ultimately bring me together with someone who will love Jesus and His ways more than than she loves me. If you don't know the Lord or don't subscribe to my personal beliefs, that might sound like a strange prayer.

But it's not. I want a woman who won't only adore me and be a sweetheart, but one who I can depend on to hear from God herself. Someone that won't have a problem with looking me in the eyes in those times I occasionally get off on my own thing and say, "You're missing it on this one, man of God."

So, wherever you are today, Princess, have a wonderful Valentine's Day. Don't spend it lonely and wishing you had someone, but spend it celebrating the fact that God's best for you is right around the corner! His promises to you are "yes" and "amen."

That actually might be good advice for all the single folks out there.

Let's keep the most important thing the most important thing in our lives. Let's love each other. That's how they are going to know we are His disciples, right?

Commit to your quiet time. Listen carefully for His voice and be obedient always.

Happy Valentine's Day. Be blessed, sweetheart. I look forward to adoring you in person and rubbing your pretty feet (within the confines of our loving marriage, of course).

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