Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hunter Pence and that pesky glass door

I read about Astros outfielder Hunter Pence's injuries today and have to admit I was surprised. Not only because it's a rare occurrence to jump (accidentally) through a sliding glass door, but because I've been been waiting for decades to hear about it happening to someone else.

I spent hours in an Ardmore, Oklahoma operating room as a youngster getting sewn up after my mother closed a sliding glass door that I left open when I went out on the patio. Not knowing she shut the door behind me, I turned around and ran into the glass at full steam.

Sheets of that glass came down on me, slicing me up so bad in several places that I had to be wrapped in a blanket like a burrito while they rushed me to the hospital.

To this day, I have a scar on my face that goes from my left eye (the last suture was literally right under my bottom eyelashes) to the center of my cheek. Scars on each leg, also.

I still get asked about the one on my face. I used to joke that I got it in a fight in the Marines. It sounds better than I forgot to open a door.

I joke, but I imagine it was a bit scary for Hunter and we're all pulling for a quick recovery.

Anyway, this is also a little strange because I had bookmarked Hunter's new blog a couple days ago looking for the right time to mention that he is blogging about the Astros. I guess this is as good a time as any. I wonder if we can expect a blog post on this situation?

Get well soon, Hunter. Go Astros!

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