Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm choosing love and patience today

Do yourself a favor. Get over to Joel Osteen's Web site and sign up for his daily devotionals. They are pretty good. I may comment from time to time on them here.

Today I'm choosing patience. I'm choosing love. I'm choosing kindness. I'm having a wonderful day because life is all about making the right choices, and I'm doing just that.

Pastor Joel says I should ask God how to love you better. I'll do that, but in the mean time, can I ask you a question?

How can I love you better? I love every one of you because I'm walking in love today. It's all about love, love, love, love, love. Maybe I could do something to make you feel more loved? I want to partner with God to do whatever it takes to make you feel more love from me.

You might be reading this and thinking, "I just happen to be looking at this blog today. He's talking about someone else. He doesn't love me."

No, I'm talking about you, specifically. I love you. And I'm asking God how to love you better.

Please send all suggestions on how I can love better here:

I don't want to fail in the love department. I certainly don't want to be a resounding gong or a clanging symbol. That would be weird.

If I don't hear from you specifically I'll assume I'm loving you just fine.

Make sure to subscribe to Pastor Joel's daily devotionals. They're pretty good. I may have a word or two on how they are shaping my days here occasionally.

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