Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We'll be picking a president this year

I would like one of those Sen. Obama T-shirts, but in all seriousness, I've been thinking about our presidential election a lot today.

Tonight was not my night to see Senator Obama speak. However, there seems to be an unusual level of excitement that follows him everywhere he goes, and I look forward to seeing him speak in public sometime.

One of the things I've discovered as I watch coverage of the elections is that I have a hard time separating their personalities and "likeablity" from the issues. These people all obviously love their country and want to serve as president for the right reasons, so even when someone differs from me on some of the issues I find myself in support of them.

All these people deserve our respect for going through this process. We have senators and a former governor. People who have dedicated their professional lives to serving their county.

That's why I'm sometimes turned off by politics. I don't like to hear people bad-mouthing others simply because they disagree on issues. It hasn't been too bad during this presidential election, and that's a very good thing. For the most part, people seem to be very respectful of one another, and they should be.

There has been an excitement leading up to this particular presidential election that I can't remember in my lifetime. Have you seen how many satellite trucks are downtown at the Toyota Center tonight? The first African American in our history could become a nominee in a major party for the presidency. The first woman is running. No matter who you're supporting, it's an exciting time for our country.

I look forward to seeing who wins this time around. The election will be a good time.

We hear a lot about "change" during this election. Has anyone figured out exactly what they mean by that? The next president is going to have quite a job.

The truth is, I like McCain, Huckabee, Obama and Clinton. I think any of them would make a great president worthy of our respect and support if elected. Of course, I know who I'm supporting for president, because at the end of the day each of us has to vote the issues, based upon how we see the world around us.

It is fitting that we get excited and get informed, and that we all go vote in November. I'm looking forward to it.

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