Friday, March 21, 2008

Mustard tree

Have you ever been in church and the minister is giving a great message -- it's well prepared, it's scriptural, it's excellent in so many ways...

But it's for the person sitting next to you?

That's kinda the way I feel about Pastor Joel's devotional today. It really is good, but I think anyone who has been reading this blog in recent days understands that I've got the mustard seed working in full operation.

I'm just kidding, pastor...of course it was for me as well. We can all trust God more.

However, if you are one of those people today that is struggling in your faith in God and His ability to work in your life, I'd like to direct your attention to both the devotional and the text, found in Luke 17.

It only takes a little faith for God to do amazing things. But remember, faith without works is dead.

That means that while it's important for you to believe God and put total trust in Him, it may require you to step out and do something yourself to get the full benefits of believing Him.

Trust me, it's possible to sit around and believe God until you're blue in the face. I'm not doubting God's ability to move supernaturally, but more often than not he uses people to carry out His will on the Earth.

That means we have to do something in the process.

Maybe He's asking you to do something today? Like Pastor Joel says, we've got to water that mustard seed with some action.

I don't know...Maybe he's asking you to plant a tree. Or take in a stray cat. Or say something to that co-worker who desperately needs help.

Whatever He is asking you to do, do it. I will, too.


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