Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How to park at Lakewood Church

It was nice to see a rather favorable review of a Lakewood Church service on a blog at today.

As a negative, the parking was mentioned at least three times. Could I possibly give a tip to anyone planning to visit?

I found a place to park that literally I could be out of the parking garage and onto Buffalo Speedway within two minutes after a short walk.

Here's a secret: you will save yourself at least 15-20 minutes in the parking lot if you are willing to park near the garage exit and walk to the church.

It's covered, so even if it happens to be raining you're OK.

Pull into the parking entrance off Buffalo Speedway. There is usually a police officer directing you into the garage.

Right after you get into the parking garage, take a left as soon as you can, and loop around and park as close to the exit of the garage as you can. There are usually lots of empty spots right around that exit.

Walk to church. Walking is good for you, and it will only take about five minutes.

I understand some people can't walk for medical reasons, and there are places they can be dropped off at the door if needed.

After church, simply go back to your car and pull out of the garage onto Buffalo Speedway (usually within a couple minutes). While almost everyone else is waiting in the parking garage for 20 or 30 minutes, you'll be on 59 heading home.

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  1. How's the new car? Congrats - tell us about it!