Saturday, July 19, 2008

I've put a silencer on my gun of praise

"Accept our praise, O Lord, for all Your glorious power. We will write songs to celebrate Your mighty acts!" (Psalm 21:13).

I'm just sitting around quietly praising today. Not being really loud. Just quietly praising.

It's sort of like putting a silencer on my gun of praise, so to speak. I heard a minister use that terminology recently and I really liked that. It made me giggle.

What are you doing today? Praising? Making good choices? Choosing happiness?

Here's my new song I've written to celebrate His mighty acts. It's called, "Put a Silencer on Your Gun of Praise."

I've placed a silencer, on my gun of praise
We're gonna sing this song to the Ancient of Days
Quietly and boldly thank Him for His ways
But place a silencer, on your gun of praise

Bang! Bang! Bang! To the Lord of Hosts
Praise Him in the understanding and the Holy Ghost
Fire in the air, send the devil a memo
The praises of God are the ultimate ammo

Is the devil in your life not behaving right?
Get some Holy Ghost thugs praisin' in the middle of the night
Bang! Bang! Bang! God's still on the throne
He inhabits our praises so unload your gun

Quietly! Don't wake the neighbors
Reverently! Surrounded by His favor
He's got your back with his firepower of love
It's like an arsenal of power raining from above

Not too bad. I just came up with that in a few minutes sitting here. Israel you can use that without any royalties or anything like that. That would be great on the next Lakewood CD.

Don't look now but KSBJ is queuing up "Undo" this very moment. And I'm changing the station. I really do need to change what I've been listening to.

Have any of you ordered your Personal Fart Package yet? I really need a miracle and I'm starting to think this might be exactly what I need. Please see this video for more information.

If anyone has already ordered it an had good results, please let me know. I'd go ahead and call and get mine today but I want to know it works before I get on this guy's mailing list. You know how annoying it can be when one of these folks starts sending you mail all the time.

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