Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Special thanks to Franscisca Kruissink

Today wouldn't be complete without sending out a special "thank you" to Franscisca Kruissink, owner and operator of the Dutch Web site, Hit2Hit.com.

As you probably know, increasing readership of this blog, all over planet Earth, is important for a number of reasons. One of which is we want everyone to know the fantastic things God is doing (and will continue to do) here in the United States.

Franscisca recently awarded me 15,000 free visitors to my site, insuring that more and more and more wonderful people will look at my blog. A good woman with a good heart. And deserving of our "thanks."

Hit2Hit is an online community and advertising portal that provides traffic worldwide for Web site owners, either free or at a very low cost. I use a YouTube video as an outlet to promote this blog, and I say with a great deal of humility today, that it is working pleasantly well to bring readers.

(This is despite the fact that I am convinced that the YouTube hit counters don't work. That video is getting two to three times the visits than actually show on the counter, and I have the stats to prove it. Since 12:01 a.m. I have personally sent more than 1,200 unique visitors to that page. Where are they at, YouTube?).

If you have a business, Web site, church, ministry, radio station or rock bank, and you'd like to brand yourself for free worldwide, click right here and get started today.

And again, thank you, Franscisca and Hit2Hit, for being a true warrior overseas in our mission to get the word out about all the great things happening here in the United States. May God continue to bless your business and Web endeavors.

Blogger's note: I love to thank people publically for doing the right thing. It's a passion of mine. If you have an online community, a traffic exchange, or any other ad portal and would like to get a free plug and thanks here, simply follow Franscisca's lead.

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