Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fantastic commercial, and Richard Justice needs Jesus

Outstanding new TV commercial

This new commercial might be divinely inspired.

Man, Richard, you need Jesus

We're going to start a new, reoccurring series here on the blog entitled, "Man, you need Jesus."

From time to time, I'm sure you've heard someone say something, or read something somewhere, and thought to yourself, "Man, you need Jesus." I have, too.

I'm going to occasionally share with you who I think needs Jesus. Now, please don't take this the wrong way if you appear here. The truth is, we all need Jesus. But consider it a badge of honor...then get right with God.

Our first recipient:

Please take a look at Richard Justice's blog entry from today, featuring his thoughts on what the Houston Astros can learn from the two World Series teams this year, the Rays and the Phillies. Richard is a sports writer for the Houston Chronicle.

A very thoughtful, well-written blog post.

Scroll down, however, to the comments. You'll find one long response of his in italics, responding to a comment made by "will."

What happened here, Mr. Calm, Cool and Collected? I'm not sure how Barack Obama, Fox News, the Washington Times and Sean Hannity got tied in with the Phillies draft picks. And that's not a nice word you called Mr. Hannity.

That's not the kind respect for others our future president asks us to have. I believe in Jon Heyman, he's part of America and I believe in America. I believe in Sean Hannity, he's an American with feelings and deserves better than this.

I believe in you, too, Richard, but I've got the facts: You need Jesus.

Stick to sports.

Blogs are not obsolete

As of 11:42 p.m. today, this blog has received 690 unique visitors.

That's not even close to the Huffington Post. Can I ask you for a favor? Please let one other person you know about this exciting blog. Just tell them, "You need to read John's blog." Then forward this address to them: ThePrincessBlog.net

See how easy that is. We can continue to get the word out about the exciting things happening here in the U.S. But we have to work together to make it happen.

Scripture for the day

Why not meditate on this one today:

"The Lord will perfect that which concerns me..." (Psalm 138:8a).

Has the Lord started something in your life? I'd count on him finishing it. Just read the scripture above. If you don't remember anything else I've said today, remember those words. They're the words of the Living God, and they never come back void.

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