Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm on board!

Liz over at KSBJ doesn't realize what a powerful tool she is in the hands of our God.

I was on the Internet machine just a few minutes ago looking at bus ticket prices for Los Angeles (my new home someday soon I hope), wondering if I should get on board. Liz, right after playing East to West (ironically the direction I'm looking), said that we all needed to get on board! Praise God! Confirmation. Powerful. Amazing. That KSBJ crew is out of this world with their sensitivity to God's Holy Spirit. I'm on board! I'm going East to West!!! YES!!!

She said "I'm sorry if that sounded bossy." Don't apologize. You put my rear end where it belongs...on that bus. Going east to west. Never, ever apologize for doing what God asks you to do, Liz.

She followed that powerful display of God's direction by playing the new Michael W. Smith song, A New Hallelujah. Oh my goodness that's weird! It's a new hallelujah. She pointed out that the song was recorded here in Houston...ironically the place I'm getting on board to go east to west. Friends, this is amazing. It's a new hallelujah! I'm on board a bus to California!!

You tell that silly weather guy Anthony that Houstonians are looking at several days of beautiful weather around here...with very, very low humidity. A fine looking day it is outside. Perfect weather tomorrow while we're listening to the morning show with Mike and Susan. Heck, I might be to Fort Stockton by then.

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