Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm writing to you from the great city of L.A.

Super 8 Motels, another fantastic contribution to American life, offers free coffee with a night's stay. And it's good coffee. I'm lit up like a Christmas tree trying to decide what I'm going to do today.

Super 8 is great, but other places are cheaper, so I'm moving on tomorrow I think. There's some places down the road that are less expensive, but the nicest taxi driver in the world I met at the L.A. bus station told me some places to avoid. I might be drawn in by the power of a $39.95 place to sleep, but they may not be as safe.

I think I'm going to need to balance my life in the very near future between cheap and safe.

We need to make food that is good for you less expensive. If you eat cheap, you don't eat well, in general. I don't want to eat garbage because then I'll look ugly and out of shape and apparently as fantastic as this city is, many here put a premium on how someone looks. If you even have a bad haircut here, they'll pick on you.

Now don't worry. I think I'm doing okay. The females at the Burger King and on the bus appeared to be flirting with me, so maybe I'm still semi-attractive enough to not be laughed out of town. Don't worry, Princess, you're the only girl for me. Besides, I'm sure a hottie like you is getting all the attention you can handle right now. By the way, please go see this movie if you haven't already.

Before I start eating well, I do need to catch an In and Out Burger, of course. Those things are incredible. I already did the Del Taco thing yesterday. Some fellow Texans who hadn't been to California in a while ran off the bus and into that place like it was Cafe Annie yesterday because they'd been waiting so long to put one of those burritos in their mouth.

Out of respect for my arrival here, I put on a tie and some slacks today. I may even wear a jacket for a while. I don't know if I needed to, but when you're unemployed and down to your last dollars it just feels good not to wear the pair of shorts and sandals you wore on the bus for days.

I'll pretend I have a job today. Today, my job is to post something on the Internet. Someone told me once that you shouldn't dress for the job you have, you should dress for the job you want. If I dressed for the job I had, I'd be in my skivies and a pair of shower shoes, so today I'll wear something else.

The economy in God's kingdom is doing fantastic today. I'm going to look for a place to sow a seed. Hey, I'm in need, so it's time to sow a seed. Maybe there is a homeless person in this town who could use some extra cash.

I'm always a little apprehensive when someone asks me for some money, not because I don't want to help someone, but I certainly don't want to buy someone MD 20/20. At times I feel like that's what I'm doing. Let's see who God brings across my path.

OK, I need to let you go for now because the commercial said that you can't just have goals, you have to have plans. I have no plan for today. So I need to stop typing and plan. Talk to you later.

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