Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Linkpost | 11.26.2008

Do you like Web sites about gladiators? -- Then you'll really like this site. How we promote online today...will echo for eternity. I don't know what that means either, but free traffic is certainly cool. Dan Davis has really outdone himself. I mean, a traffic exchange about gladiators?

This monkey sure loved "Expelled" -- I saw "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" the other day, and I am one monkey who had a really good time. It's available on DVD right now. If the intelligent design/Darwinism debate is something you're interested in, this is a film you shouldn't miss. Keep standing up for the cause, Mr. Stein.

It must have got lost in the mail -- My friend Rebecca St. James is currently working on a new film with Stephen Baldwin, and I didn't receive a script. I guess I'll just keep coasting. Rebecca, I can't wait to see you and "Ted" when this one comes out next year. Let's all plan on seeing "To The Wall." I'm sure I'll remind us again as opening night arrives.

Possibility that "heads will roll" in Cleveland as a result of Sunday's loss? -- The World-famous Houston Texans snapped an eight-game road losing streak with a win over the Browns this past weekend. Walter caught a touchdown pass. I'm so proud of Walter. I hope no one loses a job in Cleveland over this. Great town. Great people. You know what we're waiting for now? For the Texans to win a Monday night game...

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