Monday, November 3, 2008

Linkpost | 11.3.2008

Please keep searching. Maybe I'm Angelina Jolie's missing son -- Changeling is a very good film, minus the misuses of our Lord's name. I saw it Friday night. We should encourage Mr. Clint Eastwood, not only a fabulous director but a leader as well, to try his hand at a remake of the Academy Award winner for best picture in 1934. That would be another great movie. Good job, sir. I want to compliment you. This film and Jolie's performance are Oscar-worthy.

That's very thoughtful. They're not raising ticket prices -- The Houston Astros are being very considerate in this tough economy, and keeping ticket prices at the same level next year as last season. I had thoughts about a better plan: Raise the ticket prices, and get the Astros into the playoffs.

It's as easy as getting a flu shot -- Lance Trammell voted early without even getting out of his car in Orange County. Orange County seems like an exceptional, outside-the-box-thinking place to do this for residents. Make sure you do get out of your car, if necessary, and vote Tuesday. It's important. I wonder if Lance is a Obama guy or a McCain guy? It looks like he's really thinking about it...

Go vote! Free coffee! -- Starbucks will give you a free cup of coffee on Nov. 4 if you vote. Thank you, Starbucks. Our world is better because you're in it.

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