Sunday, December 7, 2008

For immediate release: Film director invites Tyler to rock concert

HOUSTON -- (Dec. 8, 2008) -- Only weeks after the film's rerelease on YouTube, the famed director of 1986's classic film "The Red Limo" has invited John Tyler to attend a Dec. 20 performance of the rock band King's X at The Meridian.

Guy Mofley, "Red Limo" director, minister of the Gospel and an all around nice guy, has decided it's time for him and Tyler to "rock out" and let their light shine at a rock and roll event.

Mofley will travel to Houston from out-of-state for the event.

King's X has recently made it clear they want people praying for them. Mofley and Tyler said they were more than happy to oblige. In fact, Tyler said he would be praying in the Holy Ghost during much of the show.

The meeting between Tyler and Mofley was birthed Saturday. In an e-mail, Mofley indicated his wife had bought him tickets to the concert, and that he would like Tyler to attend with him.

"I was honored to be invited, and of course I'm going," said Tyler, excited about the opportunity to see a friend responsible for sharing Christ with him during high school. "Like rubbing the Princess' feet or going to professional baseball games, rock shows are an important staple of American life and should not be neglected, especially with long-time friends."

Mofley and Tyler's film works, including the now legendary "Red Limo," were a huge hit with family members and friends in the 1980s and earned Tyler the title, "The VCR Movie Star," for many years.

"It's fantastic that this quickly after the rerealese of the film, an opportunity to spend time with Guy at a rock concert has emerged," said Tyler. "I'm now expecting my powerful performance as Stud to be the catalyst to open up even more film opportunities in the future."

As for King's X, Tyler said he loves their music and hopes they finally find what they are looking for spiritually.

"Sure, we'll pray for them, but at the end of the day it comes down to making the right decisions," he said. "Many of us have got off course spiritually at one point of our lives, but they've got to decide to return to what they've known and lived in the past, assuming they've strayed from the straight and narrow.

"With that said, let's rock, gentlemen."

Tickets are available at The Meridian Web site.


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