Thursday, December 25, 2008

For immediate release: New BarlowGirl video confusing, says Tyler

HOUSTON -- (Dec. 25, 2008) -- The latest BarlowGirl video, while cute and entertaining, unfortunately doesn't provide adequate information to justify a trip to Chicago next month, said John Tyler Christmas morning.

Wishing the girls and everyone else a Merry Christmas, he said he wasn't sure what they are trying to say.

"I don't think I'm alone in believing the video might send conflicting messages," he said. "If I've already seen Chicago in the winter, should I bother?"

Not wanting to be critical of their creative effort, he wondered if Alyssa's remark that the band would be in the studio in January meant that the week of Jan. 11 was a bad time, or that they weren't interested at all.

"In the studio in Chicago, or in the studio in Nashville?" he asked. "After listening to that, I'm not even sure if they're going to be in town. There were actually several remarks in the video that were open to interpretation, and I'm not sure I'm interpreting them correctly."

Tyler said he's not kidding around, and this is not a publicity stunt.

"Absolutely not," he said. "If fact, I would prefer we meet quickly and find a more personal and private means of communicating and building friendships, because if we don't define this thing ourselves, others are going to define it for us.

"And let me guarantee you something," he said. "Those 'others' have no concern for us, our well-being, or really want us to succeed. If we're serious about building relationships, we can't do it in press releases and video blogs. There's too much left open for misinterpretation."

Tyler said he didn't want the fact that the video left him a bit confused take away from its artistic beauty, or discourage the girls from continuing in their efforts.

"As the great minister of the Gospel, Guy Mofley, always says: 'keep going,'" Tyler said. "You girls looked adorable and I always enjoy watching you on the Internet machine."

Tyler said he'll continue watching the girls YouTube channel to determine if they can carve out some time in their schedule the week of Jan. 11.

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