Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A great day for America, and my trip west

I thought I'd say "hello" today and congratulate our new president and vice president. I watched the ceremony in a New Mexico hotel room after driving west all night last night. I'm heading out to California.

The speech was excellent, and I know I'm feeling what everyone else is feeling...that this truly is a new chapter in American life. President Obama represents such a great promise for Americans of every race, color and creed, and in my heart of hearts I simply feel like this is the right man for this time in our country's history. I'm especially proud to be an American today and everyone else should be, too.

We should all pray for Sen. Kennedy as well today. I just turned the TV back on and it sounds like he's had a complication with his health.

I'm doing just fine, feeling great, looking forward to the future. My trips to California are in anticipation of whatever God has in store, but as our new president has so aptly pointed out on numerous occasions, we have a long road ahead in some ways, figuratively and literally.

That doesn't mean we won't finish the journey. It just means we'll have to drink a lot of coffee to stay alert and pack our patience, because there is no rushing the Most High God. He's on his own time schedule, as he loves to reiterate to me often. Sometimes it just takes patience. Even the Apostle Paul and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar know that.

I'm not ignoring the situation I'm trying to leave behind in Texas. I love Texas, and always will, but this situation was not handled properly, friends. Sorry to state the obvious. Unless there is something going on behind the scenes that I don't know about, when I'm old and gray I'm going to go to my grave scratching my head wondering what you decision makers were thinking.

Trust me, my main desire at this point is to do what's right for everyone, to turn the page in a sense, but if it is God's will for me to continue to stand, I will proudly do that for Him. I have never doubted that I did the right thing in confronting that problem. There comes a time, however, for new beginnings. There's a time for justice, but there is also a time for forgiveness. The main thing I'm trying to learn as a Christian and as a citizen is where to draw that line. If there is a just fight that still needs to be fought, I'll be the first one in. But if it's time to move on, than let's move on.

Again, I'm open to whatever God has in store, no matter how long it takes. However, I am genetically wired to always feel like I'm moving forward. If it means going to California, a place that represents hope and freedom to me, it's well worth the car ride. And I'd love the opportunity to stay there, Lord willing. Anyone know of anyone hiring? I saw Mr. Spielberg at the inauguration, maybe he'd like to make a movie at some point. I'm not sure where to check on that.

During these challenging times, President Obama seems to be a consistent voice for hope and better days. I have to choose the voices I let speak into my life very carefully during this season. If you know there are better days ahead, even if we have to wait, work hard or fight for them, my ears are open to you.

Also, thank you to the Bush family for all your service to our country. I'm really looking forward to reading former President Bush's book once he writes it.

Again, congratulations to President Obama and Vice President Biden, and best of everything to you and your families as you begin your new jobs.

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