Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I think I'm destined to visit here

If the Lord doesn't mind, I may need to make a trip to Destin, Florida, soon and very soon. Just look at this place. It's close to Pensacola...that's not very far away.

Just a little pleasant trip in the car.

You know how much I love road trips. There are few more relaxing an exciting ways to see the splendor of America than in an automobile, but I might even enjoy this place if I flew.

Let's get back to the topic. This place is beautiful. Is that the Gulf of Mexico? Then why is it that color?

And the sand is luxurious, for lack of a better word. Soft. White. Pebbly.

Can you imagine operating your super successful business out of one of these condos on the beach? Retiring in a place like this?

Or how about writing books here? If someone wanted to write an important book that would shake the nations, this would be a great place to do it.

As Americans, our strength is not in our military, or in our wallet, it's in national treasures like this place. Well, it's in the hearts and souls of our citizens, too. I shouldn't forget about them.

Truly amazing photos of an amazing place.

And look! Love is in the air, everywhere I look around. You already know how I love wedding dress pictures. Is this what love looks like on the beach there?

If you haven't taken your Princess to Destin, Florida, well, she's being neglected. Make some reservations.

I need to hurry and get out there because what if the Princess is there? I'd hate to miss her because I'm here and not there.

I don't have to marry there, but I sure want to see the place.

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