Monday, February 9, 2009

Princess, we know the real secret to stronger relationships

Hey Princess, have you noticed how popular relationship advice has gotten lately?

I just saw some guy on TBN talking real fast, acting silly, discussing how to improve our relationship.

Last night, I happened to turn on the radio and someone was talking about improving marriages and the such. You know these people are selling a book. We should write a book, too.

Here's a working title I've come up with: "Our Relationship Worked So Much Better Once We Could Talk To Each Other."

Once we do have the option of sitting down and talking to each other, we can hammer out the details and come up with an outline. The basic premise could be that 100 percent of relationships improve drastically once the people can actually sit down and have a conversation on a consistent basis.

All these people have all this other advice, like how I should adore you in private, and how you should respect me even before I earn you really need to understand what makes me tick as a man and I need to really know your inner needs as a woman.

Hogwash! They are leaving out the best piece of advice of all: Once two people in a relationship can talk on a regular basis, sharing their deepest thoughts and information with each other, it will completely revolutionize their love life like nothing you can imagine!

This will work 100 percent of the time, I would venture to guess. We could do some informal research and get anecdotal evidence from couples who couldn't talk to each other while still trying to build a relationship.

We could sell books and have seminars, traveling the country to share the importance of talking. We really would have a corner on the relationship advice market, because we know that sometimes our circumstances don't allow us to talk to one another, right? And talking is the most important thing.

These others could be sharing silly advice like you need to know my love language, when all the time we have the real secret! It's talking! We'll have millions of people running home from our meetings wanting to have a nice long talk with their spouse. It'll be fantastic!

If you are a person reading this today and you want to strengthen your relationship, here is the best piece of advice you will ever get: Talk. Listen. Communicate.

Even if you have disagreements sometimes, even if he's from Mars or she's from Venus, even if she leaves stuff on the floor and he leaves a mess in the bathroom, even if he wants to be honored and respected and she just wants to be loved and nurtured, none of that is really important if you simply have the ability to talk to each other.

Honey, that book is going to fly off the shelves. And no one better steal our idea. Hang in there girl.

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