Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obedience is an important part of the blessing, Willy

Willy Frank was the kind of guy who would get up in front of his church month after month after month to help lead worship, the whole time having a fat sack of weed underneath his couch.

He had the word of God sitting on his coffee table at home, a testament to a life he wanted others to believe he lived, but a tasty joint after work every evening had become a staple in life he just refused to give to God.

Willy was becoming bitter, too. In many ways, he would look around at others in the church world and secretly covet the blessings he couldn't seem to attract into his own life. Yes, the voice inside of him screaming out for God's best and a better life was deafening, even so loud that it apparently drowned out the still small voice of God's Holy Spirit gently telling him to throw away his dope and get right with God.

He wondered quietly why his friends of old -- specifically the ones who had truly turned their lives over to God -- no longer came around. All this was happening while he had a hard time each month finding the funds to pay his water bill, electricity, and pot dealer at the same time.

One day Willy Frank read something on the Internet that would forever change his life. He read something on a blog that indicated God required obedience from him. That God tends to bless those who through a repentant heart and steadfast spirit chose to do His will. Willy was floored!

God, in his unusual and frank way, had decided He loved Willy too much to allow him to live in lies and deception any longer. God was calling Willy back to the cross. He was calling Willy back to a life that was pleasing to him.

Doesn't God do that for all of us, in a sense? You and I may not be a pot smoker on a worship team, but we all can find areas of our life that stand between us and God's best. Bad attitudes. Unconfessed sin. A heart that refuses the voice of God month after month, year after year in a certain area.

Maybe, through God's grace and loving ways, we are all discovering what Willy discovered that day. It's time to come up higher. It's time to get things right.

Thanks for the inspiration, Willy. I'm convinced, as you get rid of the bitterness and weed, God is going to reach out to you like never before and lovingly show you the life you've desired. But not until then.

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