Friday, January 15, 2010

I saw Big Ben! I took a ride on a boat!

You all should have been there with me! I had a great morning. I saw Trafalgar Square, this place is fantastic. There were these lions sitting on perches. You have to see this.

Remember the big wheel I was going to get on and ride to the top? Apparently that is closed a couple weeks of the year for maintenance, and I happen to be here one of those weeks. No problem, though, I took a boat tour down the Thames River, and saw all kinds of sites. Old buildings, mostly. But they are really nice buildings.

Tower of London. It kinda looks like a miniature castle, right on the river. Bought a sandwich for lunch nearby, and a cup of coffee at this place called Starbucks. Had a good time.

Of course I saw Big Ben. There are a lot of people wandering around down there. Many of them appear to be tourists. There's a lot to see right in that general vicinity. You can catch a boat tour right there in that area, which I recommend. Many thanks to the person that commented on my blog and suggested I do that.

One of the things that is fascinating to me about London is the history here. You'll hear a tour guide talk about a building or landmark that's hundreds of years old, and you realize how young the United States is in comparison.

The people here seem friendly and helpful. They're just like Americans, they just talk a little different and drive on the wrong side of the road. And it seems like they all wear dark clothes. I think everyone in this city owns a long, black coat. It's like a uniform item.

This was a very successful morning/early afternoon by my standards. Glad I came over to visit!

A couple other items of note: Last night, the fire alarm went off at my hotel, causing every guest and a huge party being held here to evacuate to across the street. A fire truck came blaring down the street, and firemen ran in the hotel. I don't think there was a fire, though.

And for what I can tell, it hasn't snowed at all since I've been in London. The weather here seems fine to me. I bet you could even land an airplane here now. ;)


  1. Fun and it, how about jumping on the *chunnel* to Paris, after all most romantic city in the world.

    A buggar about the wheel. Glad they service it though, the one in Oz busted!!

  2. What do they say about Haiti?

  3. you have lovely writing styile god bless