Monday, March 29, 2010

Mr. Flexible Team Player trudges on

Lenore's no-show and the journey possibilities

Lenore didn't call, and I'm OK with that. I believe that things do or don't happen for a reason, and this may have been Lenore's way of saying, "You're just too creative and resourceful to work here." Or maybe Lenore hates me. Either way, we trudge forward.

How would y'all feel about me taking another journey sometime? I think y'all like it when I take journeys. Even with all the craziness that usually occurs on my flights, I have a good time on my journeys.

I've seen Australia and Great Britain recently. Do you see a pattern there? Those are English-speaking countries. Maybe I should get brave and venture out sometime. Europe maybe? Asia? India? You know I've got to get in those German clubs sometime soon. Maybe I'll just head out to California for a week or so. That's less expensive. You all help me pick the next location.

Preparing for exciting next week

The VNV Nation show is Sunday at the Meridian. I look forward to seeing y'all there. This is a band I'm really looking forward to seeing perform live.

And don't forget about Opening Day at the ballpark next week, also. I don't have a ticket yet, but I often just buy one from those ticket vendors, so I'm not worried about getting in. I washed my new shirt because it kinda smelled like Elmer's glue, so I'm ready to hear some people at Minute Maid say, "What?" I'm picking the San Fransisco Giants to edge out the Houston Astros in that game, but I hope I'm wrong.

Who else wants to go fishing with Luke Scott?

That'd be pretty cool, but there's not much time left to apply, so hurry. There's some money involved, too, so that's probably going to be a nice afternoon on the lake. The only thing that sounds like more fun than that is a speed dating session at Roy O's ranch! When's that contest kicking off, Drayton!?

Quick recovery for Barbara Bush

I think I speak for everyone in wishing Mrs. Barbara Bush a quick recovery. I heard she was at the hospital having some tests done, and it sounds as if she's going to be OK. Maybe she'll be feeling well enough to be at the ballpark with her husband next week. We hope so! Get well soon!

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