Saturday, March 27, 2010

The reason why Greg Abbott is full of shit

Greg Abbott claims he's a principled man. We all are down here in the great country of Texas. We're a special bunch of people.

Greg Abbott is the attorney general of the state of Texas, and an opportunistic, self-serving asshole. Now those are strong words, and I want you to know I wouldn't say them if I didn't truly believe them to be true.

This is not a blog post about the health care debate. However, remarks he makes in this article did raise my eyebrows, and I am now fully convinced he is either derelict in his duties as A.G., or worse.

"I am going to step up and take on the federal government ... whereas my opponent is willing to sit on the sidelines and criticize those who challenge the federal government," he said in a Dallas Morning News article earlier this week.

Friends, years ago leaders of a Texas state agency (UTMB in Galveston) began firing guns off outside two of my residences and sending death threats to me in the mail, and this man knows about it. In fact, so does everyone who works in that pink sewer in Austin. And I'm still waiting on the fucking trial, or an apology.

I looked up the word principle in the dictionary, because if I'm going to discuss a man of principle, I want to know exactly what it means.

1 a : a comprehensive and fundamental law, doctrine, or assumption b (1) : a rule or code of conduct (2) : habitual devotion to right principles

The principle he adheres to, without question, is protecting the right of Texas to do whatever the fuck it wants, even using fear, intimidation, and then cover up to achieve its goals.

He'll fight the health care bill on principle. He'll point his finger at Washington D.C. and try to convince people that don't know better that D.C. is the problem.

D.C. didn't threaten my life, asshole.

Greg Abbott, man of principle? Depends on what principle you're talking about.

Monumentally full of shit? Definitely.

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