Sunday, April 10, 2011

Could raising the U.S. debt ceiling possibly cause the end of the world?

Could millions of people all over the world die in a massive barrage of fiery explosions, with blood and sulfur raining from the sky, simply because the United States debt ceiling is raised too high?

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas seems to think so, indicating on CNN this past week that "armageddon" may be the result of the United States current financial situation.

Here are her comments and the response from David Plouffe, senior White House advisor, on today's Meet the Press. (click here and forward the video to 6:26. Watch until about 7:50).

I hope to hell they don't let her and that scary Governor Perry get anywhere near each other to plot and plan, or we are all in big trouble. Our skin may literally melt away from our bodies!

Her comments are in line with the politics of this state, unfortunately. I've nicknamed Texas "Thug Nation" because leaders here will seemingly do and say whatever they have to to achieve their political goals. It's like a whole other country. Don't mess with Texas, or you might die.

I'm pretty sure they won't actually blow up planet Earth, but as someone who has been the target of terrorism from state employees and had to endure the cover-up afterwards, I would have preferred the senator used different language, frankly.

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