Friday, April 1, 2011

I wanted to take a moment to apologize for not posting anything yesterday

Yesterday was a rather boring day here in prison, so I took a day off from posting to my blog. I apologize for any inconvenience that caused.

However, the Jerry Eversole post was good enough to last you a couple of days. He's a interesting character, isn't he? Things are done a little differently here in Harris County, if you hadn't figured that out by now. Should be a great time in the courtroom, and I trust the jury will be able to come back with a decision next time around.

I also want to apologize that I won't be making an appearance in town tonight, due to my captivity. That means no Numbers tonight and no college basketball at all this weekend.

For everyone in town for the Final Four, I want to apologize for not being out there to contribute. I'm being held captive for other people's mistakes and payday has been delayed, which will keep me out of Reliant Stadium.

Have y'all been watching ABC 13 News? I have a question for Bob Allen, sports director, to ask that ballheaded guy that manages the Astros:

Will we be able to keep Hunter Pence out of jail all season?

This is actually the best time of year for Texans owner Bob McNair, because it won't be his group of overpaid degenerates that are on TV all the time. The Texans should just keep playing catch at Rice Stadium and get ready for another eight or nine losses next season (if next season even happens).

I love it when one of the Astros or Texans is interviewed and says, "We've got really good chemistry." I guess that means one of them has a meth lab in his house.

I always say, if we can get through another baseball season around here without a small-engine plane crashing into the crowd, we've accomplished something great.

I'll try to post again later this weekend, but if you don't hear from me I'm sitting in a dumpy house in Deer Park with Fritzi all weekend.

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