Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Internet scam report:

If you're looking for an exciting way to put around $20 in someone else's Paypal account and get absolutely nothing in return, I highly recommend claims to provide pop-under ads for Web sites.

Before you stop me and ask why I would waste money on bulk traffic anyway, I understand that bulk traffic is very low-quality traffic.

I paid for the service because I am more interested in getting the word out than I am conversions right now, and I wanted to send a quick burst of traffic to

This morning I logged in and was told they had sent more than 2000 visitors to my site. The problem is, these are invisible hits. In other words, not one of them shows up on my hit counter (nor on the logs at my Web host). I sent an email asking about this when I first noticed yesterday, but received no response, of course.

I found from a Google Adwords ad. If Google is really interested in eliminating egregious bullshit from their search results, would be a great place to start.

Having said all that, if anyone knows of a real, reputable company that provides actual pop-under views that can be seen by real people (and a hit counter), please email me and let me know about them.


  1. hi there jhon ,

    i feel your pain man . i know a lot of these people that sell bulk ads are nothing more than a waste of money . i my self am tring to find something that will get me some fast signups for my business . if your intersted in a real business check out my site .
    by the way if you know of a place that delivers real human traffic that will get me fast signups please let me know . my email is my name is donald melton . thanks

    1. Hey Donald, I don't know if you use the traffic exchanges but I've signed up about 17 referrals in the past couple months for another exchange, so I know real people are viewing my ads. Check that out if you haven't already. Here's a very good one:

      Buy yeah, don't buy bulk pop-under ads unless you really know the source of traffic.