Saturday, April 9, 2011

John Boehner was dead serious about cuts, and Army wife can buy formula and diapers now

I'm sorry I didn't post to the blog yesterday. I was incredibly bored with nothing to do here in prison.

I think we can all be happy that there wasn't a government shutdown. John Boehner is dead serious about those cuts, apparently. Now that negotiations are over, I sure hope Sen. Harry Reid got the nap he obviously needed so bad yesterday.

I actually did start to draft a couple blog posts yesterday that I didn't publish. One was entitled, "I'm going to drain a can of tuna today and eat it with saltine crackers." The other I titled, "I would allow Tom Foreman a small dog or cat in prison, but I'm a nice guy."

I didn't publish them because I felt maybe you all wanted a break. I think quality, not quantity, is what we strive for here on the blog, and that's what you'll always get as a faithful reader. I'm not going to feel like I have an obligation to post every day when I know how important your time is...and I'm not getting paid to do this.

My hernia hurt just a little last night, and I had to push extra hard to get the damn thing to go back inside my stomach. Usually it doesn't hurt, but last night it seemed quite sore for some reason. No blood in my stools or urine yet, so I don't think we should worry.

On a different subject, have you noticed I like to blog about politicians? I'm facinated with government, but I don't have political aspirations now. I don't even have an affiliation with a political party.

If you've noticed, I like to speak truth to power as I see it, whether that truth is popular or not. I don't think that works well in American politics. I think that makes someone unelectable.

Anyway, you all have a great day. I'm going to go cook a frozen pizza and celebrate the fact that the Army wife on CNN the last few nights is going to be able to buy diapers and food in May!

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