Thursday, April 7, 2011

You want to know what I think? I think you people threaten my life and the President's life

This is for the smartass lady anchoring CNN right now that wants to know what I think.

What I think is you people use crafty editing, loud pops at strange times on the set, and outright threats to try to control this situation by fear.

You're not alone at CNN. Other networks and news crews do the same thing.

I've been watching for years, and basically the way you operate is that I or the politicians have to do exactly what you worthless fucks want or you'll threaten to harm us.

You've threatened me, and you've threatened the president. I think you people use fear (although I'm not scared of you worthless pussies) to try to control me or others.

I truly believe that if the choice was between a bunch of you losing your jobs (which you should) and you partnering with terrorists to harm good Americans, you'd choose the latter. There are days I wonder if some of you aren't actually in cahoots with terrorists.

I personally think a simple VCR and about six months worth of video clips from your network could put many of you in jail for years.

However, we have an election coming in 2012 and the politicians need you, so you have nothing to worry about, other than the $500,000,000 it's currently going to take to get me on your set.

Did you really want to know what I think?

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