Monday, December 19, 2011

My podcasts going online for free, and now launched

My podcasts at will now go online for free, which really is the appropriate cost of a podcast. If you have a desire to hear any of the others that aren't currently posted free, check back from time to time or keep an eye on my Twitter page. I should have the remainder uploaded and ready in the next couple weeks.

Also, I have now launched to supplement both and I will add an Air Force site at some point soon, and then I'll have everyone covered. Do I really need a Coast Guard Web site at this point? I think that one can wait. Thanks to each of you that has shopped at those sites over the years. I really do appreciate the business.

The sites were always seen by me as part-time endeavors or creative outlets (although I would never rule out the possibility of earning a full-time income online eventually). Lots of people are doing just that.

However, I've started applying for jobs in the Houston area again. I'll keep you posted here as to the direction my career takes, but sitting here waiting for whatever I was waiting for is not only a waste of time, it's incredibly frustrating and at times demoralizing.

I'll keep you posted. Thanks as always for keeping up with my blog!

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