Thursday, December 22, 2011

Would you ever consider paying $15 for a dozen eggs?

Can you imagine the look on the cashier's face at the supermarket if you insisted on giving them $15 for a dozen eggs?

Cashier: "Sir (or ma'am), those are eggs, they only cost a couple bucks."

You: "Yes, but I heard these are real tasty eggs. I want to give you $15 for them."

Cashier: "Those are delicious eggs, but they only cost a couple bucks."

You: "Important people pay $15 for their eggs, and I want to pay that much also."

There is obviously no logic in paying many times the actual value for a product. So why do people do this with their Web hosting?

I recently heard that people are paying as much as $25 per month for something that really only costs a fraction of that, with the exact same level of service and dependability. Why? Maybe they think there is some prestige value in throwing money down the commode for over-priced Web hosting.

If you could sit down for a few minutes with today's top online marketers and ask them about the importance of return on investment, they'd undoubtedly agree that every dollar you spend online needs to bring back a return. Money spent wisely online can pay dividends, but only if you are making well-informed decisions that benefit you and your business.

This would certainly apply to someone trying to sell you over-inflated Web hosting services so they can make a big affiliate commission. Does that help you or does that help them?

This is why I proudly recommend, the host of and more than 600,000 other domains. offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited Web space, unlimited domains, a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee and live support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All for only $1 per month!

Does that sound like a great deal? Well, if it doesn't, I have a gallon of milk here I'd like to sell you for thirty bucks!

Sign up today at, and use the money you save to further promote your Web business. That's the type of smart decision-making that will get you to the top, no matter what type of business you're promoting online.

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