Friday, January 20, 2012

A special question for employers considering John Tyler, the winner

Are you a powerful leader?

That may seem like an unusual question, but it certainly fits in this context, as we find the right place for John Tyler, the winner, to seek employment (and the right leader for him to report to).

Leadership is much more than a position you hold or the number of folks that report to you. It's the ability make good decisions, and recognize when you have the opportunity to make a huge impact in the quality of your organization. Are you exercising the power you have today to make good decisions?

That's why I highly recommend John Tyler, a winner. John Tyler has been consistently recognized throughout his career by other leaders as a top performer. He's the kind of consistent winner that even after the incredible recognition during his Marine Corps days (as seen in the previous post), continued to win awards and capture the attention of real leaders with the honesty to recognize him.

Just take a look at this unsolicited letter he received from a company Vice President in the inner-office mail at The Methodist Hospital in Houston (click to enlarge or right-click "save image as" to download).

John Tyler, a consistent performer. A winner. The type of person that any powerful leader with a sincere desire to see his organization reach that next level would love to bring on board.

Excellence. Dependability. A winner. John Tyler.

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