Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photo emerges of 'Hollywood Tyler' with the Huntington Beach Rams

I scanned this photo from a button my mom used to wear to my football games when we lived in Huntington Beach, California. I found this in a box and it brought back many memories.

Those were the days of "Hollywood Tyler", a nickname my coaches (one of which was my stepdad) gave me after a stunt I pulled on the football field while playing tight end for the Huntington Beach Rams.

My team had just scored a touchdown. As they celebrated at the goal line, I sprinted by myself from the endzone to somewhere near the 50 yard line, where I attempted my very best somersault for the crowd.

My coaches quickly called me to the sidelines where I was informed I wouldn't be doing that again. However, the stunt did earn this mediocre pee-wee football player a pretty cool nickname on the sidelines, so I always felt it was worth my effort.

We only lived there for about a year, but I had a great time. My first trip to Dodger Stadium was during that period, where I saw the Dodgers play the Astros. Our next door neighbor (and my girlfirend's dad) agreed to buy me a ice cream sundae because I correctly predicted an Astros win that afternoon.

Huntington Beach was also where I met my first girlfriend as a third grader. I'd pick roses from a neighbor's yard as I'd walk home from school, bringing them to her house in my lunchbox. Her family had a small shed in the backyard we would occasionally hang out in. I remember her mom saying to us as we walked out the backdoor one evening, "I better not catch you two out there playing doctor."

Not knowing what that meant, I asked my girlfriend if she felt sick. She didn't feel sick, so we never did play doctor.

I remember really liking her a lot, and that was my first memory of having my heart broken when we moved back to Texas.

I look forward to getting back out there to see the old neighborhood at some point.

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