Friday, March 2, 2012

John Tyler wins again with consistency, attitude, strong relationships with leadership

I continue to be thoroughly impressed with how frequently John Tyler wins.

As you take some time to examine his career, there is a consistent level of excellence that you see in his work and his interaction with others (as reported, again and again, by real leaders that are committed to honestly evaluating his performance).

I've come to the conclusion that not considering him for a position in an organization is either the result of outside influence or an inability to properly evaluate talent.

In a previous post, we already closely examined that consistency of excellence through the years. Now I'd like to look at another reoccurring theme I see as I look over the documentation.

I love how well he works with others, and especially how administrators and upper management have viewed the way he carries himself and his interaction with other real professionals.

Here's yet another letter John was given from the current Public Affairs Officer at a Houston-area school district (click on the image to enlarge or right click and "save image as" to download.

I also understand from looking at his DD214 (the discharge document from the Marine Corps) he received a third Meritorious Mast of which he does not have a copy. Please let me know how he can get a copy of that citation. Another win! The wins just keep coming like a mighty rushing stream.

From everything I've seen, I don't think John Tyler is simply the kind of guy you want on staff. I think John Tyler is the kind of person you wish you could clone.

All this information could truly make someone wonder why his phone hasn't rang yet.

Hard work. Consistency. Excellence. A proven winner. John Tyler.

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