Wednesday, July 18, 2012

American Heart Association interviewed Mr. Flexible Team Player by phone today

I'm so flexible. If someone wants to interview me, I can talk to them at 1 p.m., or I can talk to them at 3 p.m. Heck, we can even talk on Friday if they prefer.

That's how Mr. Flexible Team Player rolls!

I wish all of you could have been on the call with me today as I chatted with an American Heart Association vice president. She was a good interviewer, too. She knows her business well, and I enjoyed speaking with her.

I'd appreciate if you media types could find a way to work the words "American Heart Association" into your news story, broadcast or blog post in the next couple of days. I think they'd really appreciate that over there. That would be a fabulous return on investment for a 30-minute phone call if we could make it happen!

She asked if I've maintained any relationships with the media. I wanted to ask her, "You mean other than all of them watching my blog and Twitter page like a hawk?"

This would be a great time to do a story or blog post on checking your triglycerides, or eating healthy, or childhood obesity. Think of all the creative ways you can say "American Heart Association" in a paragraph, and try that on your blog, website or broadcast today.

Maybe they'll want me to come in and talk with them in person! That would be exciting. Don't you love when a organization gets a bunch of important people together to talk with you about a job? That's fun.

I'll continue to keep you all posted as we search out the right organization for Mr. Flexible Team Player to join.

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