Monday, July 30, 2012

The Home Depot doesn't think I'm a good fit for warehouse work

Just imagine my excitement. I get an email from one of the best companies in America, The Home Depot, about possibly joining them at a Houston distribution center.

I go in for an interview today and receive news from a Transportation Manager that she doesn't feel I'm a good fit for warehouse work.

I kept imagining myself on one of those powerful forklifts, moving pallets from one end of the big room to the other. Or sweeping up an area that really needed some extra attention, or meeting with the guys in the break room and enjoying sandwiches and coffee together during lunch.

She said maybe something in the retail operation would be better suited for me. I like customers a lot, but hanging with the guys and gals at the warehouse seemed like really good times.

And good money as well! I switched on the TV this weekend and caught some of Joel Osteen's sermon. Apparently I qualify for double, so I was figuring they'd offer me about $21 per hour! Mr. Flexible Team Player would instantly become Mr. Big Spender!

Well, I just wanted to take a moment to say "thank you" to The Home Depot for its time today. She really was pleasant. If you need me in one of your stores, please feel free to give me a call and I'll come over for another visit.

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  1. I can totally relate!
    After working in warehousing as a manager and in several construction type settings (25 YEARS) that involved more that just grunt *MIND NUMBING PWORK AND HEAD GAMES* work I was forced to part time by bad management and a bad economy. I interviewed for a warehouse job that was a pay cut for 4.00 and involved tedious part sorting work. The woman that interviewed me scoffed at my experience and said that I had too much freedom at my other job and since they couldn't offer me that at their place I wasn't right for th job??? I was also passed over for a huge steel mill warehouse manager job (65k) a year, for a woman bank teller with no experience!!!
    That's ok because a couple months later I WAS HIRED FOR A DREAM JOB. This will happen to you also because you have the right attitude. NONE AT ALL and will keep looking.
    Peace and Good Luck James M. L.A. CALIFORNIA