Friday, January 3, 2014

Beaver time! Mariachis sing beautiful song on the Riverwalk, S.A. storage unit now empty

I really enjoy visits to San Antonio. For those of you new to this blog, I lived there for much of last year and have rented a storage unit since that time. I drove west on I-10 today so I could pick up those items. I took some pictures because all of you couldn't ride with me today. Maybe some other time.

The mariachis sang such a lovely song during lunch at The Original Mexican Restaurant, but I couldn't tell what the song was about. That doesn't matter. They sounded fantastic anyway. I looked out from my table to the river, and at a constant stream of visitors along the city's iconic Riverwalk, and enjoyed the unbeatable flavor of chicken enchiladas smothered in ranchero sauce. Enjoying the experience at a table right next to an American servicemember and his family added to my exceptional afternoon.

Before I went down the steps to eat lunch, I took a photograph of the river below. I wondered what it would be like to jump in and scream, "I can't swim," flailing my arms around fantically in the water. I'm kidding. The water was much too cold for that. Sitting at that table, soaking wet, in Oakland Raiders gear would have made me look silly. I stayed dry and ate on the banks of this lovely river.

In two trips to San Antonio, I was able to fit everything in that storage unit into my vehicle. That is $32 per month I no longer will need to pay to A-1 Self Storage on Bandera Road.

The funny thing is, I've been thinking the same thing recently. Very tempting. I wanted to stop in and get me some tasty beaver, but I decided to stay focused and continue on the journey. I do like that place, though! Especially the one between Houston and San Antonio. That's some good beaver! The coffee's impressive as well.

Please remember that I post more frequently now on this blog, so visiting often is a good decision.

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