Sunday, June 22, 2014

Beautiful girls wear Columbia Blue

I want my Princess to dress just like this on occasion, when we're alone. She'll need to wear pants in public, but around the house this will work just fine. Is it alright for a football fan in Houston, Texas, to wear Houston Oilers gear around town? Yep.

I don't know what happened to this animal. This dog looks like he got hit by a car and survived. If they give him a bath and a haircut you might be able to overlook the fact that his eyes are looking off in strange directions. I'm posting this because I like the photo, but the dog obviously needs help.

This is a photo I took of Strong Beast. You're going to notice that the quality of original photographs on this blog is about to improve greatly. I finally have a real digital camera to use for photography, so you should begin to see a quick improvement. I'm definitely a dog person, but Strong Beast is as good as cats get. This is one of my roommate's cats.

She has such a pretty smile, even when she's eating an apple! I'd like to take her to dinner and eat whatever the hell she wants.

Y'all stay tuned here, I'm in the process of searching for work in my field. If retirement was not the outcome of all this, I'll rejoin the workforce in my chosen profession. The organization that shows itself as a good decision-maker and brings me on will become as prominent a part of this blog as they desire.

Updated 5:44 CST

NBC Nightly News crew in Columbia Blue tonight. Coincidence?

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