Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Exclusive sneak peek at Tyler's first eBook, read the 'Introduction' here

The following is an excerpt from John Tyler's new eBook, How to Easily Attract a Rockstar Following on Twitter (Even Before You're Rich and Famous). The eBook is available for immediate download by clicking here.


I initially set up my Twitter account in February 2009, after several months of reading various articles on the microblogging service and staring at a selection of Twitter pages I found interesting.

Everybody, it seemed, was getting on board and utilizing this unique service. Having blogged for several years, I became curious about the power of publishing short, 140-character messages to promote longer blog posts.

I fought signing up for some time, however, thinking this fad called Twitter was just something else I had to learn how to use that would soon fall into obscurity.

We now know that Twitter is far from being a fad. In 2013, Twitter's Alexa ranking placed it among the top 10 most visited sites on the Internet.

Twitter is a vital piece of your online efforts. It's free, global, and incredibly easy to use.

Shortly after signing up, I became frustrated at times with the difficulty of growing my number of followers. I would look at larger accounts and wonder, What is it that they are doing that I'm not doing? No matter how clever or insightful I felt my tweets were on any given day, I might pick up a follower or two every once in a while. I stayed under 300 followers for a very long time.

By stumbling upon the methods I teach you here, I've been able to skyrocket my follower count to more than 260,000 since that time.

People or organizations with large platforms already established outside of Twitter, or folks often featured in the media, don't have a problem attracting tens of thousands (or many more) followers on Twitter. Those of us who do not have access to that type of exposure right now must find unique or outside-the-box methods for generating a huge following.

Some people might argue that desiring a mammoth following on Twitter is narcissistic, but I highly disagree. Anyone who creates content wants a larger audience. If you owned a newspaper, and someone approached you with an opportunity to quadruple your readership, you'd jump at the idea. If you wrote a book, and someone offered you a chance to go from 10,000 copies sold to 100,0000 copies sold, would you be considered narcissistic if you said "yes"?

Of course not. Wanting to grow your footprint on Twitter says less about your psychology than it does about how you value your time and effort. If you feel your words have value (and they do), it only makes sense that your words reach as many people as possible.

Another reason you should want a large following on Twitter is the perceived value we ascribe to people or businesses with larger accounts. If you have 24 followers, and your best friend at school has 89 followers, who looks like thy are the more desirable person, whether that's right or wrong? If your small business has 650 followers, and your main competitor has 3,500 followers, you send a message that your competitor is more popular with consumers and a more trusted expert in your field. You don't want that, and it doesn't have to be that way.

That's not to say you don't have to concentrate on being the best person possible, or providing a superior product or service. You know how good you are at doing what you do, so it's time the people visiting your Twitter page see you as a leader.

As I previously mentioned, my account grew agonizingly slow until I started using the method I teach you here. My username hasn't appeared in the press or on other web sites (other than my sites) as a means of promoting it. But it's grown nonetheless.

An associate of mine years ago was floored when he followed me on Twitter, unable to fathom how I had so many followers. I think I only had about 150,000 at the time. "That's celebrity status!" he declared. I've never considered myself a celebrity, but I understand how someone might think that from such a large number.

You can duplicate what I've accomplished, if you commit to this process. If someone asked me to give one word that encapsulates how I've been able to do this, that word would be "dedication."

What I teach you to do here is easy, if you have the knowledge. Once you know how this process works, it's just a daily routine. If you stay dedicated to doing this simple routine every day (or several times a day), you'll grow exponentially over time, baffling your friends, associates and competitors.

Before I get started teaching you the actual process, here are a few things I'd like for you to do right now:

1) Get a global vision - I've build an international following using this method. Don't just think about how you are seen in your local community. I want you to think about how you're seen on the other side of the planet. There are literally thousand upon thousands of people all over the world waiting to follow your account. To grow fast, you will need to attract these people to your account in great numbers.

2) Identify leaders or competitors - Find several Twitter accounts that have followers you'd like to attract. This may be based on some common interest, hobby, or your chosen profession. If you are a small business, this is where you want to think locally. Jot down several accounts that attract followers you'd like to see following you.

3) Follow me on Twitter - I want to be your first new follower! If you follow me right now at @johntylertweets, I'll follow you back (usually within 24 hours).

Let's get started!

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