Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Her smile is so pretty, even when she's writing on a clipboard (and the Pope looks shocked)

Her smile is so pretty, even when she's writing on a clipboard! Write this down: "John must really think well of me." And keep that pretty smile on your face!

If I was to call KPRC consumer reporter Amy Davis, I might say, "Please find out for us what is so undesirable about the current Houston football team that would cause all these local and national reporters to wear the colors of a team that left town years ago." I can't put words in her mouth, but I can imagine her response would be something like, "John, you know the Houston Oilers will always be Number 1." And she'd be right.

Even Miya Shay, a reporter that covers City Hall for Houston's KTRK, is willing to go downtown in Columbia Blue. Maybe it's time to call Bud Adams' family and see if we can somehow finagle the logo and colors back from the Tennessee Titans.

Or maybe it's just time for some queso. I have no idea what these people are up to. It seems like they just try to act silly sometimes, right? I think you know what time it is it's time to get ill.

He's amazed or shocked, apparently. You can't really blame him. There is so much amazingness all around us every day. It's everywhere I look now. I constantly find myself saying, "Wow. That's unbelievable," or "My goodness, this thing has grown exponentially."

This is Fresh Beast. Her name defies her behavior at times, as she enjoys taking turds from the cat box with her mouth and throwing them on the carpet. Other than that, she is a pleasure to have around and we've enjoyed her presence immensely. Fresh Beast joined us at the house about a month or so ago.

Global traffic. I think people could be looking at this blog on every continent of the world in which there's an Internet connection. This is a screenshot from several days ago, but it pretty much looks similar every day now.

Melissa Wilson, a media contact from my health care days, looks absolutely stunning this morning in the color of a long-departed football team (again). When you consider how effective I was at finding the positive medical stories at an institution and getting those stories on the TV set (and what an absolute pleasure I was to work with), you must wonder why I'm not doing that today. I wonder that as well.

Who else is looking forward to a healthy 4th of July party plate? Let's all get dressed in Oilers gear sometime and get silly!

Her so smile is so pretty, even when she's celebrating with coworkers!

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