Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Precision Auto Repair in La Porte, Texas, says to keep doing epic stuff

Precision Auto Repair in La Porte, Texas, has a new message for everyone on State Highway 146 (and now the Internet).

Keep doing epic stuff, and go forth and be a force of the awesome.

I graduated from high school in La Porte, Texas, years ago.

There isn’t enough room on the sign to tell you what you need to know, though. When you start doing epic stuff, opposition comes at times from every direction. The demon possessed, the haters and the maggots will attack, but you’ll stand strong as long as you stay true to who you are, and keep doing more epic stuff!

When you do epic stuff, you’ll see amazing things. Strongholds will fall. Your critics and accusers will be silenced. And even in those times that the crap seems to come at you continually, you’ll experience a sense of ease that accompanies life and frees you to just keep being you.

When you’ve done everything you can to stand, you’ve just got to keep on standing. And don’t forget to keep on doing more epic stuff!

Here’s another example of something that happens when we decide to do epic stuff, and go forth and be a force of the awesome: Great memories happen with sexy space-chicks floating in the cosmos, freeing the captives and fighting against the enemies that would drag us down and spoil our day. Epic!

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