Friday, August 22, 2014

You can be pissed at President Obama, but make sure you're pissed for the right reasons

I watched a cable news network criticizing the current president of the United States today for playing golf the day after we learned a worthless scumbag terrorist beheaded an American journalist on video.

Why are you criticizing President Obama on television for something the previous president did as well?

American presidents like to play golf after terrorists execute people, apparently. Golf must help them relax. If you want to bitch about something Obama does, make sure you bitch about others who do the same thing. Should we all stop playing golf because evil people do stupid shit?

We live in America, and you can criticize the president for any reason. Make sure when you criticize the president, it's for something he needs to be criticized about.

There are many reasons to criticize the current president. Golf doesn't make the list.

Watch the video clip starting at 1:50, and find something better than golf to complain about.

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  1. i criticize Obama due to his democratic European socialist world views