Sunday, September 14, 2014

Blog now added to IT 24/7, enjoying free worldwide exposure to new Internet users

Marching for truth

I’m happy to announce this blog was added to the website rotation at IT 24/7 this weekend, a traffic exchange with global reach that offers unique branding opportunities to marketers everywhere.

IT management describes the community this way:

“IT is a powerful branding tool that gets you very powerful results. The way IT does that is IT creates an environment full of people whom you can like, know and trust.

"When you see a member’s page, you know that page can be trusted.”

IT does personal branding.
IT does business branding.
IT helps you build your list.
IT helps build your social network.
IT gets you FREE website traffic.

I’m excited to have joined this community of global online marketers, and I look forward to a fruitful and growth-oriented relationship as we continue to inform the world!

Even zombies getting on board

I’ve used traffic exchanges for years to promote my websites, but found this exchange to be a unique, interesting addition to my promotion arsenal.

If you aren’t yet a member or would like to learn more about the site, click either of the graphics used in this post or simply click here to go directly to IT 24/27 right now.

Thanks again to the traffic exchange industry and its committed global cadre of users for your continued help in promoting my blog and other sites. I know every minute I spend using a traffic exchange is time well invested!

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