Thursday, September 11, 2014

Like usual, Arian Foster is wrong

What the NFL needed today was someone with the proven moral character of Arian Foster to comment publically about the Ray Rice situation.

Only someone caught banging another woman behind his wife's back, then disowning his own child born out of wedlock and suing the baby's mom, could think Rice's knock-out punch of his own wife was none of our business.

Is the Houston Texans public relations team mentally retarded? This overpaid fruitcake (the Turds gave him $43.5 million last year to show his ass on TV) has answered every question fired at him by the media in the past month with a smirk, "I'm just out here trying being the best teammate I can be."

If I worked for that PR squad (which would never happen because I have standards), I would have told that idiot to run from news cameras like the plague as soon as that Rice shit hit the news. Instead of talking about how hard he and his teammates are working to prepare for Sunday (go Raiders!), he says that all the kids with Ray Rice posters on their walls, all the parents that put those posters there, along with all the Ravens fans that pay his $40 million contract are out of line for questioning the indefensible.

Kids all over the country continue to look up to these degenerates. Greedy billionaires continue to give scumbags multi-million dollar contracts. Unsuspecting fans continue to scream when scumbags run into the building and onto the field.

And what happens to people who question these practices?

Don't worry. I'm sure this will all get fixed. For years the Texans GM Rick Smith has stated again and again, "We're going to do what's best for our football team."

Whatever, dude. Why don't you start by keeping that loser away from news crews?

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